Growing Green.


  • Can save you money on heating bills
  • Can save approximate 1.9 tonnes of CO2/year
  • Improves weather and sound proofing
  • Easy maintenance
  • Increased property value
  • Meets current thermal regulations
  • Durable and designed for the lifetime of the building
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Extensive range of finishes and colours
  • Reduces fuel consumption and energy bills
  • Controls densation
  • Minimises heat loss
  • Offers sound absorption






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Growing Green

Most of the houses in UK that have been built before 1930 where constructed with methods as single skin walls, solid wall construction, prefabricated concrete panels and steel or timber framed buildings instead of cavity walls that are made of two layers with a small gap or cavity between them. This cavity acts as a barrier to reduce heat flow through the wall. Solid walls don’t have that and more than 45% of the heat is lost due to poor insulation. Insulation systems generally comprise an insulation layer to achieve the requisite thermal performance protected with a weatherproof finish.

The Insulation works were carried out by SER Contractor who came recommended to me in carrying out External Wall Insulation, the works were carried out to a very high standard. We have noticed a vast improvement from achieving heat loss, which has also impacted on our monthly fuel bills reducing the bill by approximately 40-50%. A big thanks to SER Contractor & their efficient team who carried out the works safely & within budget.”

About growing environmentally green

External Wall Insulation Benefits:
• External wall insulation renews the appearance of ageing outer walls.
• Offers sound absorption.
External wall insulation is an effective way to stop wasting energy and money at home, the process can be achieved without any internal disruption to residents of the property. External insulation is installed by rendering the outside of the property or by fitting cladding where appropriate. A layer of insulation is fitted between this and the original wall of the property to prevent heat from escaping.
The thickness of the insulation needs to be between 50mm and 100mm. The boards are then covered with a protective, re-enforcing mesh which is then rendered. The render comes in a variety of finishes to suit the individual requirements of the customer. Like internal wall insulation, the wall must be prepared before installation takes place and any damp issues must be addressed.

Internal Wall Insulation
• Less disruptive than the external option.
• Can be done on a room by room basis.
Internal insulation is installed by fitting rigid insulation boards/foamed boards backed with plasterboard and are fixed directly onto the walls using adhesive, strategically placed fixings and plaster. Varying in thickness from 25mm to 100mm depending on the materials used, any items such as mirrors and pictures that need to be placed on the wall must be attached using special fixings.
Alternatively a stud wall with mineral wool fibre placed behind it can be built. Vertical batons are fitted to the wall, mineral wool insulation at least 120mm thick is placed between the batons, sealed and plastered over. A stud wall is the best option to use where the prepared wall is uneven or requires levelling before installation. A stud wall is not as strong as using insulation boards so will be unsuitable in areas that require heavy fittings such as kitchens. Your walls will need to be carefully prepared, sealed and any potential damp issues must be addressed before installation. It is worth noting that due to the thickness of the insulation installed, the floor space will be reduced slightly.

Loft Insulation
• Reduce carbon emissions by up to 730kg.
• Easy to install & no maintenance.
• Offers sound absorption.
The loft space of your home can be insulated fairly easily using insulation blankets, which are laid on the floor of your attic space and it is an effective way of reducing your heating bills.
Without it, you could be losing as much as a quarter of your home‘s heat through the roof.
Loft insulation traps rising warm air and stops it from escaping and-by topping up existing insulation to the recommended 270mm, the average household saving on annual heating bills can be significant. You’ll also be helping to save the planet by reducing your home’s carbon footprint to the tune of one tonne of CO2 a year.

About Green Deal
Green Deal is a new government initiative that is designed to help home owners to implement more green technologies in their properties. What it offers: Install new green technology into your home with no costs. Repayment for the work will be allocated to your energy bill on a monthly basis. This is different from everyday loan because if you move out of the house the bill stays with the property where the savings are occurring and not with the bill payer.
Energy-saving improvements include:
• insulation – eg loft or cavity wall insulation.
• heating.
• draught-proofing.
• double glazing.
• renewable energy technologies – eg solar panels or wind turbines.
Home owners can choose to go directly to a Green Deal provider or can use an independent installer to carry out the necessary work

Quality Materials
Type of Insulation Materials:
• Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).
• High Quality silicon and mineral topcoat renders.
• High performance self maintaining paints.
• High-Density Mineral Wool.
• High-Quality Natural Wool.
Suppliers we Trust:
• Weber Saint Gobain.

High Standard and Excellence
All of our work is done in strict compliance with work and environmental safety as well as fire protection requirements.
Ser Contractor Ltd is committed to train, monitor and update our team regarding the best way of using the materials.

• Our team members have been in the industry for more than 5 years and have successfully attended courses for EWI, IWI through Weber Saint Gobain.
• More than 95% of our subcontractors hold a valid CSCS card.
• All subcontractors working for our company are CRB checked.


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