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Our Site Team

D.B. Nicolae: I have worked with Ser Contractor Ltd for more than 2 years. The most positive experience I have had since joining the team is seeing our customers happy when handing over a renovated property.

C.I. Botezatu: I joined Ser Contractor Ltd in mid-2010.
Every subcontractor working with us has a spirit of initiative and an approach that enables each person to contribute at his or her level to the team performance.

V.Munteanu: I was the first to join the Ser Contractor team, the company started out with one man’s ambitious vision.

With small but very calculated steps we started advancing, due to the fact that each and every team member invested the maximum effort to bring out the best quality of work. We were and are always between the first ones in case of a job proposal ,because contractors know us for our good quality of work and the professional attitude we reflect. As a team we always make sure that our customers are happy whilst we carry out work on their properties/homes and we make sure that even the smallest complaint/requirement are being dealt with professionally and efficiently.

What Client Say About Me

Our Site Team is a great.
Ledon, Construct LTD.

Our Site Team

Our Sites Managers and Foremans

We believe that through honesty, hard work and commitment many good things can be achieved.


Over 10 years.
Ser Contractor Ltd,
105 -107 Dorset Road,
London, SW8 1AB
T 020 7840 0585


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