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Georgiana Cosma

As a company that aspire for success in London Construction Market, we aim to deliver the best outcome to our clients.Due to our talented and hard working people in accordance with the United Kingdom legislation we have a positive impact on our client’s life.
Our commitment to success keeps us motivated, also engage us to respect our core values, such as: integrity, equal rights and service excellence.

My role inside the company is to ensure that every order is done on time to maintain a perfect balance between our client’s expectations and our employee’s satisfaction.

What Client Say About Me

Georgiana Cosma is a great Purchasing Manager.
Ledon, Construct LTD.

Georgiana Cosma

Purchasing Manager

We believe that through honesty, hard work and commitment many good things can be achieved.


Over 10 years.
Ser Contractor Ltd,
105 -107 Dorset Road,
London, SW8 1AB
T 020 7840 0585


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