How we succeed.


If you are looking for experienced subcontractors for your home external or internal wall insulation, renovation and refurbishment, you are in the right place.
At Ser Contractor Ltd we are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers and you can rest assure that your renovation project rests in the hands of experienced trustworthy tradesman .

To give you an insight and prove to you how we work we set up a step by step introduction into How we Work .

Contact Us

Contact Ser Contractor Ltd via e-mail , telephone or fax and provide us with details of the work that needs to be carried out.


We have a team of qualified surveyors that will come to site evaluate the work that needs carrying out, discus special requirements, design details and trade conditions.


In 5 working days our management team will prepare the tendering for the job with details of project starting data, project finalisation data, job specification, material specification, clause and a contract of agreement between the customer and subcontractor.

We start our new project

At the start of the renovation project we implement a rigorous welfare strategy in place; the company provide storage place for materials, a skip for the building waste and an office for our site managers.

Constant monitoring

Ser Contractor Ltd will keep a constant monitoring on client feedback and request a monthly KPI from each of their sites by: checking quality, health and safety, time and budget.



The quality of the work on site is monitored by our site managers, through on site briefings each morning before start of work and weekly Toolbox talks.

Our site managers will check up on progress on the premises 2-3 times a day.

If any faults, setbacks occur during the work on site, it is recorded and reported to the site manager on the end of each working day


Period of defects

Ser Contractor Ltd offers its customers a 12 month warranty period and keeps a close record of all the defects occurred on site.


Timekeeping is monitored daily by our site managers thru preparing work progress for the next 3 days.
We ensure that every project is being finalised on time.


Health and Safety

On the start of every morning of working day our team are briefed by the site manager about possible risks occurring on site especially because the vast majority of our renovation work is being carried out in domestic properties.
Site managers have the responsibility to check on progress 2-3 times a day and to inspect tools and hoop ups that are being used on site.
The tools are numbered in order to see the conditions of work plus we have in place a near miss record box that awaits completion if necessary.
Our company organises PAT testing for all the electronic tools used on site, tests are carried out every 3 months, free of charge to our subcontractors.



Ser Contractor Ltd agrees to have a percentage retained from every project carried out, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions applied.


The job evaluation is carried out depending on the Terms and Conditions signed at the start of the project.
In order to back our application we provide the client whit photos taken by our site managers regarding the work that has been carried out on site.


Resident feedback form

Ser Contractor Ltd highly values its clients, resident’s feedback and keeps a record of all the feedbacks in order to be accessible for viewing 24/7 thru our webpage.


24/7 service

Ser Contractor Ltd has implemented this service so that our customer can contact us at any time of the day 365 days we will be available to answer any enquires regarding work on our sites.

Now that you read our inside guide on how we work we thank you very much for your interest and look forward to receiving invitations to carry out tendering for your projects.


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